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FALL SALE! All music in the store and ordered (on the phone, the website, or in person) between now and end of day Sunday, October 4th, is discounted 10%.

Experienced musicians are waiting to help you find exactly what you'd like! Call us at (312) 987-1196.

Welcome to the Performers Music webstore!

We are proud to represent the catalogs of many publishers. HOWEVER, please contact us for items you do not see here. If it is in print and for sale, we can get it.

Please also note that the products shown in this webstore represent items that we DO stock, but that may not necessarily be IN stock at the moment.

(312) 987-1196

-Lee (owner), Reuben (webkeeper), and the Performers Music team

Youth Composition Competition

Coming up this Fall/Winter: There will be a Youth Composition Competition and Songwriter Contest presented by Violettes by Becky. Amongst other things, contestants can win prizes from Performers Music. Deadline to register is December 1, 2015, and submissions are due by February 14, 2016.